Open Theological Seminary

OTS is a strategic extension-based theological program for equipping and training God’s people in Pakistan, and beyond.

Open Theological Seminary

The Open Theological Seminary (OTS) is a strategic extension-based theological program for equipping and training God’s people in Pakistan, and beyond. Its vision is to see each member of Christ’s body (regardless of their age, gender or denominational background) grow in their knowledge of Scripture, in their relationship with God and in the use and exercise of their skills and gifts for building up God’s kingdom.

OTS not only aims to instruct the minds of students but also to change their hearts, and to equip them practically for a wide range of Christian service. Keeping this in mind, OTS is committed to developing its students according to their own local context: their location, abilities, interests and constraints of their daily lives.

OTS also equips its students for a lifetime of learning and development by an ongoing training program over several years, and by developing their habits of continuous reflection. Further, OTS teaching methods should include a wide variety of methods, chosen to complement each other and according to the course objectives and available resources. Tutors should be trained to use these methods.

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Why Us?

OTS courses can be studied without leaving your location: You don’t need to travel to another city to study. We bring it to you. There are no concerns about having to leave a job or family and you can continue in your ministry in your home, church, workplace or community while you are studying.

OTS is indigenous: The courses are being developed with the Pakistani context as their basis. Almost all the staff and tutors are Pakistani.

OTS courses are accredited: You can be assured that you are receiving a high quality theological education, as OTS has a proven track record. OTS Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses are all accredited by the Asia Theological Association (ATA)

OTS courses are interesting: The interactive methodology of OTS courses encourage and motivate you as you study. Students find that they grow in knowledge as well as in their personal spiritual lives through contextualized courses.

OTS applies learning to your life context: In the weekly classes along with discussion based on your learning from that week, there is opportunity to apply what you are learning to your own life and ministry situation.

OTS courses develop more than knowledge: OTS courses focus on more than just learning and knowledge, there is also a focus on developing Christian character and ministry skills.

OTS courses are high quality, but affordable: We only charge basic costs for course material. Our tutors work voluntarily. You do not have other such expenses that you would have if you were doing full time studies.

OTS is evangelical and interdenominational: We are committed to serving a wide spectrum of churches. Our courses are carefully written to avoid denominational bias.

OTS is committed to equipping all believers: It aims to equip every-member ministry at a grass-roots level rather than focusing on a professional elite. Women and men are equally encouraged to study OTS courses, as are students of all ages.

OTS has a vision for growth: You can join hundreds of other students who have studied OTS courses, who are finding changes in their lives, and making changes in the lives of their families, churches and communities.

Let’s help to equip the Christians in Pakistan with the Word of God to help others grow in their faith.

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